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2019-20 TEAM


wants to learn how to fix them broken objects while discovering how they work, aspires to be a lawyer in Silicon Valley, and is nationally ranked in debate!

David is a senior and is excited to learn how to fix computers with the proper tools and techniques.


wants to learn how to put computers back together, aspires to run his own tech company, and enjoys being active.

Emarjai is a senior who is excited to learn how a computer is made and how it operates.


wants to learn how to properly fix a computer, aspires to build experience in theater spaces before going to college, and is a proud member of the OPRFHS Stage Crew.

Aidan is a sophomore who is excited to learn more about computer repair.


is interested in coding, aspires to work in technology, and is so smart that he actually skipped a grade!

Julio is a junior who hopes to learn more about how computers work in educational institutions.

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